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Mestalla Stadium February 11, 2021 19:00:00

About us

Welcome to the official website of the Accra West District Football Association (AWDFA)! We are the governing body dedicated to promoting, organizing, and developing football in the Accra West District area. Our mission is to foster a vibrant football community by providing opportunities for players of all ages and skill levels to enjoy the beautiful game.

With a rich history and a strong commitment to excellence, AWDFA supports numerous local teams, leagues, and tournaments. We aim to nurture talent, uphold sportsmanship, and inspire a lifelong passion for football. Whether you are a player, coach, referee, or fan, we invite you to explore our website and get involved in the exciting world of football in the ACCRA WEST DISTRICT FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION. Let’s play, grow, and succeed together!

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Accra West District Football Association (AWDFA) was established in 1980 with the vision of creating a thriving football community in the Greater Accra Region. Over the years, AWDFA has grown from a small local organization into a pivotal institution, fostering the love of football among players, coaches, and fans of all ages. Our dedication to the sport has led to numerous achievements and a rich legacy of competitive and recreational football.

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